Monday, 29 August 2016

Visit to Mauritius - AVB0076732

Les Cocotiers Hotel, at the northwest Mauritius is a very pristine resort and is devoted to providing all visitors an authentically lavish journey of the very premium on offer in Mauritius. This is my second visit to Mauritius with the same tour operator ANTILOG VACATIONS and I found it the most amazing one. Its exclusive location offers access to spotless beaches, excellent scuba diving opportunities and a unwind environment.

The moment I entered the hotel I was treated like a royal. The security is good and takes round of the resort all time. The room in which I stay was very modern and has all the basic amenities and very well decorated. You feel like home. But the thing I like the most was the swimming pool … a fabulous one crystal clear water I must say that it looks better than drinking water.

The breakfast and the super at night all was fabulous and I enjoyed it a lot. Here in the restaurants you can taste the genuine Chinese, Indian and continental food it provides you memorable dinner ever. The attendant of the room is well behaved and do his job beautifully the management has recruited fabulous and well mannered people to look after us. The immaculate and fresh air, cool and calm environment, and remarkably pleasant ambience of this hills recoil you the feelings refreshed and rejuvenated.

A fully equipped gym and swimming pool is available for the esteemed visitors to relax oneself. There is a game area where I played table tennis and football with my friends and it was a great experience to play in a healthy environment with all gearing kits. There is wildlife everywhere you will find a different types of birds and animals around. The guest can spend their time in snorkeling in the Indian Ocean. It’s a very good place to visit away from the webs of the city to enjoy and relax oneself.

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