Thursday, 4 August 2016

South Africa Honeymoon Package-AVB0054651

Me and my wife were planning for our second honeymoon and did not have any idea what to do and where to go. A long list of destinations offered highly confusion to both of us. Thanks to Antilog Vacations for helping us in finalizing of our tour. All the arrangements for our accommodation, transport and activities were quickly managed by antilog vacations. I think no one able to work or think up to the standard in a professional manner just like to our tour operators. Good, I really impress with a way of your work.

A female representative from antilog vacations group who attended our case and had comfortably discussed every part with us. She quickly gave a solution and easily select South Africa as our honeymoon destination for our visit, after properly going through our priorities as a couple. Pilanesberg Game Reserve was a major highlight of our tour. Ms. Minal Sidhwani (our tour operator) had perfectly planned our lodges, food and safari options. During our game drives we were able to closely capture the big animals like Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Buffalo and Zebra.

This experience is incomplete without the description of our tour guide 'Willy'- a calm, cool and friendly guy with a great knowledge about Game Reserve. He also assisted us in our wonderful photo shoots. With his timely availability and coverage of extra miles are the signs of good, great and friendly guide. During our tour days, Ms. Minal always communicate on a fixed time as a part of caring services. We truly enjoyed the entire work and services managed by Antilog Vacations.

Thanks guys for such a great work and making our Honeymoon so special. Everything was so memorable and close to our heart even more than our first honeymoon. Such a big compliment for a genuine and satisfactory service provider. I also recommend Antilog Vacations services to all, who want to make their holidays more exciting and special.


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