Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Raghav Bhandari (Pune)-Visit to Cruise- AVB0031233

Experience a wonderful sail on SUPERSTAR GEMINI

Dreams come true, Yes it's right! Sometimes there are sudden instances in your life which offered you a blessed feeling. Yeah, it's true.. I also want to enjoy a cruise ride once in my life. And the day suddenly comes into my life when I got a call from my friend and decided to pack my bag. I still remembered his words “Don’t miss it, it is a great deal” and really, it was. Thanks to my dear friend, my dream journey was incomplete without your information.

Actually, it is a part of discount or customer friendly deal from the famous travel group ANTILOG VACATIONS. I booked my 5-day 4-night sail towards the visit of Hong Kong. We got the chance to enjoy the facilities of SUPERSTAR GEMINI within discounted rates. Around 23 K (including food, Stay and the related things), it was a great offer. With a quick manual calculation, I grabbed this exciting opportunity from Antilog Vacations. After this satisfactory visit, I also recommended such extraordinary services to everyone especially who have a great wish of cruise ride like me.

Here, I want to present some cruise highlights which I closely felt in my first visit. SUPERSTAR GEMINI is a leading cruise line in Asia-Pacific region. And similarly, this group has a number of fleets with the collection of interesting names which cover the major ports of Hong Kong and Singapore like famous destinations. I enjoyed docking and land excursions with the planned itinerary of Antilog Vacations.

On the departure day, I was at the port 3 hours prior the scheduled time to follow the rules of international flights. After the clearance of immigration related formality, the complete group was conducted through a specific entrance and warmly treated with a welcome band. It was really a Royal feel! After crossing the main entrance, I was able to view a big structure of the cruise which has around the capacity of thousand people at a time. What a majestic view it was, speechless!

My mind compared the things with TITANIC movie, but comparatively things were not same. Our SUPERSTAR GEMINI has 8 decks with a reception on 4th and my room was in 6th Deck. It was my first time, when I got the information about jogging track on the ship where all the members were introduced about their safety aspects.

The ship had 8 floors or decks and the reception was on deck 4. My room was on Deck 6 which had a jogging track and balcony of sorts. Within minutes of boarding, all the passengers were told to assemble out on the jogging track where all the safety techniques were demonstrated. As per the discussion, unfavorable conditions were quite scary for the non-swimmers. But, I decided to get a control on my negative thoughts and inspired myself for the actual motto of cruise holiday- which was actually my dream.

So, from that time I prepared myself to discover new things about the cruise. I collect the interesting information about Ocean view Deluxe Rooms (two bedded rooms with a small window like opening for the ocean view), Toilets and washrooms, the regular meal portion on cruise, kids playing area, gyms, swimming pool, shopping area, dining areas (not good for vegetarians).

Undoubtedly, at this cruise ride, I realised the value of land and get the familiarity about the hard job of men who spend their long months on the sea. After this journey of mixed feeling with fun, entertainment, joy, fear and feast I reached back with the collection of wonderful memories and small shakiness. Overall, my tour operator (Antilog Vacations) provides their best.

Recommended for:

1) Who expecting relaxed holiday or plan some special event

2) Non- veggies

3) Honeymooners or group of friends who want to celebrate every moment in a special way

Not recommended for:

1) Aquaphobics

2) Couples with small kids

3) Adventure-seekers

4) Vegetarians


1) Carry your prescribed medicines because your health insurances don’t work on sea!

2) Vegetarians plan or arrange things for them

3) Braveheart :)

In any case, one must experience it in a lifetime. Have a great sail.  

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