Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Mathew - Visit to Nepal and India AVB0079463

Very Helpful Services In Odd Situation

I expected to explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal.. So, planned a 5 day tour to Nepal accordingly with Antilog Vacations. I finalized the selection procedure of this tour agency on the basics of Tripadvisor reviews and rating. Basically, the tour was selected by my 19 years old daughter, who was with me during this tour. It was a combination of India and Nepal visit.

Danish was a responsive tour planner from Antilog group who managed the entire planning and provided us a clear idea about the inclusions and exclusions through emails. We were small worried about the initial phase of our tour due to the delay of flight from its scheduled time and after that the part of luggage lost issue from the end of airline. In the whole situation, we were delayed by one hour and things gave indication about the further issues with driver and related parts. But, we forget all the stress to view our driver, who was still waiting there with a sign from more than past one hour.

Now, he is the only person who helped to put the things on track. With a friendly, professional and knowledgeable guide (Manav), we forget all our worries. Danish and Manav both helped us to safely get back our luggage with their communication at the airport counter and put his best efforts to make our journey joyful. At that step, we felt free from related issues in a new place. Our luggage was safely transferred to hotel by Manav. Overall, for me it was a huge thing and I never forget such helping and friendly guys who provide their support at new or unknown place.

Then, we happily covered the famous sites of Nepal. But during the time of return, a major incident happened at airport due to Turkish airliner crash. So the airport remained closed for next 4 days for some recovery matter and similarly our flight to India was cancelled. Our tour operator, Danish handled this situation with a great sense of responsibility. He took care the things on his end and timely informed about other options for India. After finalizing bus option for Kathmandu to Varanasi, this Antilog Vacations sales representative played his role and helped to buy tickets, arrangement for extended stay, driver facility up to bus stop and related things to offer a relaxed journey.

Definitely, it was totally impossible to manage such hard situation without the efforts of Antilog Vacations and their service group. We get the support of Danish at every step. In a form of background services, he was always with us. He was always there for us before we even knew what we needed. I highly recommend Antilog Vacations for any trip. You can rest assured that this responsible group will take care of you, even when things don't go as planned.

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