Monday, 22 August 2016

Olivier Foreman - Visit to Golden Triangle & Central India AVB0095623

With my better half (46 and 42 year) we already spotted numerous Asian provinces previously. But this year, we've a small change with the replacement of our travel group from a local Indian travel agency- Antilog Vacations. We expected more flexibility and custom-made itinerary based on our wish. Obviously, it was likewise a specific risk to select an Indian travel operator entirely based on their website. Still, we acknowledged this possibility.
The Indian travel agency 'Antilog Vacations' was very dedicated and professional group of members. They covered the complete discussion and tailor-made itinerary within three rounds. In a fine-tuned manner, we received email for our 16 day trip, including the destinations Delhi – Jaipur – Agra – Khajuraho – Varanasi. Local transfers and domestic flights were also included in our package.

With our arrival in Delhi airport, we were warmly greeted with an excellent services of Antilog representative. Their professional team members always addressed us in a dedicated manner at every step, whether it's airport, hotel or transfer. With the help of friendly guys, we were comfortably transferred to hotel. A special thanks for not holding up in ques. Level of their service was absolutely startling.

Driver was likewise exceptionally cooperative. His driving skills were excellent and during six days we went through with him, he offered a great deal of additional kilometers to us. Our tour guides were exceptionally talented, helpful and adaptive to the local conditions. They were always open for discussions on whatever theme. They also had additional talents related to photography and help to make beautiful photographs of us. They also helped to explain the different aspects of Indian life.

In the complete tour, the services performed by Antilog group is an excellent way to describe their top status. With a brilliant list of local tour guides, they have a quality of sixth sense because they easily recognize about our interests. We had a nice schedule perfectly compatible with the hot weather conditions. We covered the sightseeing attractions in early morning or in the evening and the noon time was scheduled for our rest in the hotel.

We experienced a relaxed journey with 5 star hotel categories. Even Antilog Vacations, once amazed us with a free luxury room upgradation. On the proposal of small change in Varanasi schedule, we were happily responded and continued as we required. One of the representatives from the tour agency always called us on routine manner to make inquiries about our fulfillment.

Without any hesitation, absolutely 5-star services offered by Antilog Vacations. Really, a good ranked service providers. Surely, we'll on South India visit with the same name.

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