Monday, 22 August 2016

Sachidanand Srivastava, Delhi- Trip to Bangkok AVB0098521

Well after 11th stamp on my passport, I feel so lucky to be a happy & proud traveler. This time for a Bangkok visit, I've finally been able to find best tour operators. With the several deals of different tour operators during my worldwide visits, I have constantly attempted to be careful. But, this time with Antilog Vacations, I've pretty safe and secure feeling.

I wanted my every tour to be special, comfortable and relaxed so I pre-booked everything with Prabhat (Antilog Vacations sales representative) a couple of weeks before our visit. This time, I needed to book a tour on the behalf of my son, daughter-in law and one other member of the family. I am glad to the point that I found Antilog Vacations as I had messaged a couple of different organizations, but they couldn't do the tour that we actually needed.

Antilog Vacations have trips that work really well in every single diverse range. They have put a considerable measure of thought into their packages and itineraries. I have already visited in Bangkok twice and with other travel agencies which don't any comparative feature. I can't stop myself for the next visit to Bangkok and do a couple of good vacations with this organization.

From the initial point of my booking via email to Prabhat (who was a great guy with extreme patience) he made it so easy & comfortable. What a great person he is and superb tricks of management used by him. Quick, effective and makes a special effort to ensure everything works out. I booked 2 packages 'Bangkok Delight' and 'Bangkok With Chiang Mai'. I requested for private packages in both the cases.

My family were so glad with the private visits and say that they couldn't have been better services than Antilog Vacations. Even my son is usually travelling with other tour planners so he could look at and appreciate their special care and attention. Our tour guide Mr. Chang was simply stunning and made the days much more special. My family could not stop talking about Mr Chang and his helping nature, a big grateful smile with lots of entertaining stories.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ANTILOG VACATIONS and to Prabhat for making the visit happen from beginning to end. It was so comfortable and you can even pay with PayPal. We will see you again Antilog Vacations. In fact, we can't wait to plan our next visit. Much obliged to Mr. Prabhat and anticipate working together soon :)

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