Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Visit to Mandana - Buddhist pilgrimage tour AVB0079458

I would like to share my recent experience to India in the month of March. It was basically a Buddhist Pilgrimage tour, which I planned in February with Antilog Vacations. Within the time duration of two weeks, I expected to spend the famous destinations like Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar and in the similar way, my itinerary was managed by my tour operator.

I was extremely happy with every single aspect of this tour. And the customer-friendly experience with Antilog Vacations helped me to alter my plan as per the preference. The best thing was that I comfortably able to relate my tour to Buddhism by eliminating other stops of the tour. It helped me a lot in utilizing my time in the actual direction. Actually, I was travelling solo and a female in my early twenties definitely chose some safe options at a new place.

I preferred to opt entire services from Antilog group related to hotels, car, driver and guide and these were reasonable too. It was a budget package due to some of iterations from my side. I put 3-star hotels for my comfortable stay instead of luxury villas. My driver Hari was a honest, safe and knowledgeable person and similarly good words for my guide (Raju) who took care all the things and helped me to cover Buddhist attractions with the proper explanation.

With the hard work and dedication of Raju, I'd able to reach up to my interests. It was a complete satisfactory tour with my own along with the opportunities to self cover the Buddha Pilgrimage sites and collect the knowledge about hidden facts of life. But, during such time as both my guide and driver ensured about my safety from a discreet distance.

Even, I realized their genuine company in an odd situation during Nepal visit. It was the last step of my journey up to Buddha's birthplace in Lumbini. So, before departure, my tour operator properly checked out the border situation, but due to some violent public issue the conditions were not favorable from the past three days. Thanks God! I hired this package from tour agency (Antilog Vacations), otherwise I'd not able to get the information.

Thanks for such on-time information along with the proper arrangement for return flight along some generous refund. Overall, it was a good and inspiring visit at the Buddhist land. Thanks Antilog for all your great efforts and services which offered me a comfortable and fulfilling experience.

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