Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Aditya Bajaj (Tour to Andaman)-AVB0071243

I have been with 'Magnificent Andaman' around 3 months back in the month of March and it was a decent outing with the services of Antilog Vacations. It was a pretty good experience well managed by expert sales executive of Antilog Vacations group. She covered almost all the major attractions from Port Blair, Havelock up to Neil Island.

The sunset at Chidiya Tapu is one of the memorable part which one should never miss during the Andaman visit. Generally, it is a vital part which made our excursion more exciting. It was a vast collection. It will be better to share our filtered experience especially in terms of suggestions or beneficial tips to help the people who expecting their visit at Andaman. Good Luck! It is really a pristine attraction untouched from the human activities. Get ready to make your own experiences or your own stories..


  • If your are on honeymoon then must add Sea Walk and Scuba Diving like adventure and fun seeking parts to your itinerary (for related queries must consult professionals- Antilog Vacations).

  • Luckily, our package was under a special offer and we enjoyed a complementary 2 wheeler transfer in Havelock. You must try the offers and discounts from the same tour operators to explore the scenic island as per your own.

  • You can also personalize your itinerary as per the interest. Like, we include Baratang Island with a personal preference.

  • The private journey, how is that? It will be somewhat costly, as you go in a private boat to numerous spots.

  • Experience a fishing trip at Havelock. You can try it on sharing basis, except for the case of honeymooners (as some couples prefer privacy).

Truly, visit to Andaman is a major opportunity. But, if you are on honeymoon then add honeymoon kit with your package which includes cruises, candle lit dinner, cakes, bouquet, personal vehicle etc. Try to go with a trusted brand or experts (my recent satisfactory experience with Antilog Vacations) and compare the cost. As many people have to face a fraud like situation. So, properly check out the entire conditions given under the categories of inclusion and exclusion.

Similarly, the place is equally important for family visits like you can enjoy the popular attractions of Cellular Jail, Marina Park and Aquarium, Gandhi Park, Government Saw Mill Chatham and several sun, sand and water related activities within the surroundings of attractive beaches.

Overall, it was a proud thing, especially if my shared experience was read by my tour planner. HAHAHA, they know how confidently I can spread the knowledge shared by them. It is really a good thing to make strong bonds with dedicated team members. Definitely, Antilog Vacations and their team will plan my future trips with the same efforts and dedication. Hat off to you Guys!

Wonderful service.


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