Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Visit to Maldives - AVB0097090

Fab feeling, with Antilog Vacations services!

It was a pleasure being at the Fun Island Resort. We were there in September last year. It was me, my parents and my sister. We had made our bookings in advance and were really excited.
The sights of Maldives were really amazing as we underneath from the plane as we neared the landing. The airport was very crowded with tourists coming from all over the world. We were taken to the resort from there in a speed boat. The ride was sojourn and fun. There were fishes jumping from the waters and black birds trying to catch some for food. The journey lasted for about 45 minutes.

The people were very decent and courteous. A man was waiting for us as we approached the area. He introduced himself as Robert and told us about the locations of the facilities and where the various recreational activities could be found. He left us at our room. It was a pretty spacious one immaculate environment. There was an attached bathroom with the necessary toiletry. Hot and cold water is available. There was no TV or similar gadgets but the place was beautiful. There was a private porch too.

The food in the resort is not too special but yeah! It is more than just satisfactory. You’ll not be feeling it as a waste of effort and time. Its light, its healthy and it's workable. The beach was damn gorgeous! A lot of sea life could be seen around in the waters. The snorkel equipments can be rented from the resort at a nominal charge and there was a lot to be explored in the waters. There were baby sharks, manta rays, sting rays, big shoals of tropical fishes.. It was a very great feeling. There were a lot of motor sports too.

The trip was very nice. The hotel is better for people who prefer going out than staying in the room’s comforts. Thumbs up for entire team of Antilog Vacations! Keep it up.

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