Sunday, 31 July 2016

Vaibhav Dass Goa Package from Bangalore AVB0012679

A big round of applause for this wonderful and user friendly website of Antilog Vacations. I am Vaibhav Dass, Software Engineer from Bengaluru. During my visit to Goa, I got help from Antilog vacations mobile app. They offer every facility from hotel booking, plane tickets up to different categories in holiday packages. It was my great experience or even for the entire group during our visit to Goa. We enjoyed the trip very much and also suggested about the services of our tour planner to a couple who were facing some difficulty with their return. After using Antilog Vacations mobile app service, they were possibly booked their return tickets with a great thanks to our group.

Even, at that time I was also a first time user of Antilog app. Me and my friends always prefer quality services, especially when it is a part of relaxing holidays. Because it is very hard to manage such kind of trips from our busy schedule. We planned our Goa trip just to overcome the work hurdles and related pressures. So, at that time we were actually in search of responsible travel operators.

Antilog Vacations website provides complete information about travel tours and hotels along the details of prices. The most lovable part was that they give transparency up to 100 percent. There was nothing about the site which I call worst or bad. Everything is genuine in their services as per the display. With the user-friendly information and perfect layout, Antilog group members really impressed me a lot. The different categories and easy-to-use menus are the catchy and helpful part for any user.

In my own words, “ It was an astounding idea to become Antilog service user, especially for a travel inspiring person like me.” With an unmatched value bundles my travel partners always providing a guarantee of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. I think Antilog Vacations is a constant platform for all kinds of customers with their different demands. Now, Antilog is my best travel partner and I planned my entire family and corporate visits after my first memorable visit to Goa with my friends.

There are several things for which I'd constantly tied to a single platform name- Antilog Vacations. Their quick and quality services, bookings for a special event or planning for domestic & international visit, everything is based on a single click. The friendly sales executives always provide a best possible suggestion for the better experience of a customer. I believe, this is a part of positivity where a service provider also thinks about the betterment, benefit and satisfaction like factors for the customer end.

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