Sunday, 31 July 2016

Antilog Vacations Maldives & Srilanka Review-AVB0021998

Hi, if one word which I would like to say about Antilog Vacations then the word would be that it is simply the best travel company, I have ever seen. So, let me give an example as a proof. I think, in February 2016 when I bought a package from them and this package was a combined package to Maldives and Sri Lanka .
Now you see I was going to Google and searching for the different companies and Travel communities on Internet which suggest that antilog vacations is probably one of the companies which has recently moved from a business to the direct consumer facing. So then, I went to the website I was impressed by the type of details so many different packages and if you do the permutations and you go to the website and simply see the number of packages they have.
I could not find so many hotels for Sri Lanka and Maldives even on the biggest sites of the world and the good part was that they taking care of the minute things like room locations, room size where would I be put up and all these things including the hotel , flight, taxes we need to pay and so on. So, it was all covered and it truly believe that the rate at which we got a package no one else would be able to give.
And when I say about the rate, it is not exactly about the rate they are so many other things which one they ignore that should actually be looking at so one of the things that antilog has this 110% money back program and they say that if you get a cheaper price we give it to you for free and initially I thought I saw some sort of gimmicks other companies play but it happened during my week Sri Lanka trip. So it was the City  tour and the money was refunded back to us when we came from India.

I would like to reiterate again that you cannot beat the rate even while booking a self 1. Simple thing is to see the flight rate, calculate the hotel cost on different websites, calculate for the drivers waiting for you, calculate for the booking tours and most people forget it while booking you have to transfer to touring place which is 99% of times not included so this is what I think of antilog vacations and I think it's a great company.

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