Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Yash Pancholi - Antilog Vacations Andaman review AVB0098169

Had been to the Barefoot resort with family and friends for 5 days with the excellent efforts of Antilog Vacations. Basically, we love this ideally located resort within the green setup and adjacent to popular Radhanagar beach. As per our wish, Antilog Vacations arranged very comfortable and cozy Nicobari cottages for us. As we had a small space issue but we fully enjoyed our holidays there, especially during sunrise and sunset timings. The housekeeping staff was professional and efficient in their job. Within the green setup the place has natural cooling.

Basically, I loved the advice offered by our tour operator Ms. Chitra Dixit on my small explanation about free and relaxed holidays. As I want to reduce my stress and spend time with my family. So, from the longlist of holiday menu, she offered me Andaman within budget limits. We really felt and similarly want to appreciate her special efforts to make it a memorable trip. Now, within such 5 days, I truly get the re-energized feel away from job targets or routine life schedules.

The resort has limited menu food but excellent within terms of quality. The resort staff put their best for offering the memorable experience to every guest. As our accommodation is adjoining to Radhanagar beach so that we were good time there especially during our relaxed moments. Lots of thanks to Antilog Vacations entire team for such divine experience. We also captured our happy moments within the backdrop of the pristine nature. Amazing place, within the combination of every natural color whether you like white of beach sand, aqua blue of sea or green of dense forest trees.

We just loved the hotel services and their good coordination with Antilog Vacations. Thanks Barefoot staff, for offering us a caring pillow. We also enjoyed snorkeling and scuba diving within the company of experts. Overall, it was a good time. We definitely come back in the near future with the expectations of same high quality services.

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