Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bharti Kashyap - Antilog Vacations Kerala Review AVB0097473

I went to Kerala for my honeymoon 2 months ago. Thekkady was the second destination on our schedule after Alleppey. We had booked our travel through Antilog Vacations. The online portal was really helpful for honeymooning couples as they gave many upgrades including the honeymoon suites at almost all available resorts. They also arranged for the air travel tickets and the pickup and drop cab services from the airport. Thus Antilog Vacations ensured a complete stress free package – just what we needed as our honeymoon trip!! Hence any honeymoon planners should check out this online portal for getting the best deal in terms of better user experience.

The Periyar Meadows Leisure Hotel was booked as our hotel for our stay in Thekkady. As we reached the Periyar Meadows we were greeted with a huge building at the entry. It gave us the inkling that the rooms would be similarly bigger and we were not disappointed with what we got. The rooms were easily over 500 sq ft in area and it was replete with an attached bath and balcony. The balcony was protruding in the east direction and consequently we got a magnificent view of the sun rising in the consequent days.

One minor flaw what we noticed here was that the bathroom though large did not appear to be well constructed. The drainage of the bathing area needed some re-work as the water flooded every time someone bathed and we had to call the cleaning guys to mop the floor up. Wifi and internet, though not essential given the milieu but was missing from the rooms. Thus according to me it was a 50-50 score when it came to the rooms. Food and room service was great though and hence overall it’s your say as whether to visit here at the Periyar Meadows Leisure Resort or not.

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