Monday, 16 January 2017

Prashant Pant - Antilog Vacations Manali Review AVB0098086

While planning a trip to Manali last summer with my wife, we decided to book the trip through a travel portal to reduce impending hassles. Based on recommendations from my wife’s close friend I checked out the online portal of Antilog Vacations.

The site was filled with reviews and photographs of numerous resorts and hotels of Manali and we sorted and chose our preferences mainly based on tariff. The Johnson Lodge offered the best deal and we consequently booked it. If the pics were anything to go by we knew we had got a good value for money deal, just as we had envisaged when we had logged in to Antilog Vacations portal.

The lodge is located on the Circuit House Road and has close proximity to the Mall Road and the Hadimba temple, the two major attractions nearby. Moreover it was seemingly quite popular amongst cabbies and local people and we got many people to give us directions to reach the exact location of the lodge swiftly.

Based on our package of 5 days and 4 nights, we were given a deluxe room. The room was not huge but given the low temperatures a small cosy room appealed to us more than a large spacious room. The room had blankets and water heater, bare necessities in Manali. The d├ęcor was also nice and all in all the room was good.

Moreover our package included complimentary lunch and dinner meals for the 4 days. The complimentary package included a fixed meal which was slightly different from the usual a la carte menu. Other options included various mall road eateries which had an eclectic mix of Chinese, Tibetan cuisines and Hilly fishes (Trouts) on offer along with its famous stone baked wood fire pizza and pastas was also quite popular amongst foreigners.

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