Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Mudit Varshney - Antilog Vacations Fiji Review AVB0098456

I was very excited to go to Fiji last week as it was my first visit to the island and though Fiji is not as much popular as some of the other isles but this aspect of less visited places particularly engrossed me as I like the virgin and pristine locales a lot.
The Sonaisali Island was the first place on my radar there and Antilog Vacations booked my stay there. It was an excellent hotel of the famous Mamanuca Group located by the Pacific Ocean. I had a look at their website before travelling and I liked what I saw.
The first thing which struck me was helpful nature of the resort as they had sent a chauffeur driven car to the airport and I had no hassles at the time of the check in even though my flight was late by a couple of hours.
As I moved into my deluxe bungalow I saw that that the Sonaisali Resort was actually a small boutique property with a niche existence. It had nine spacious bungalows and given that I was travelling in the off season, only 2-3 were filled and thus I was able to get the perfect room.
The room was close to 600 sq ft in area and had a huge window in-built into the main wall just opposite to the entrance. The huge lagoon was visible from the windows which I understood later was the resort’s pride as it was superbly maintained and consisted of various coral reefs. A visit to the beach is a must too.
Free wi-fi in the room was quite helpful too as I was travelling alone and the speed was good probably given the low number of guests at that time. Thus I would definitely recommend this hotel to all. ☺

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