Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Yogendra Garyali - Antilog Vacations Alleppey, Kerala Review AVB0097597

Recently, i returned from my relaxing Kerala visit and want to share major tips. Truly, it’s satisfied journey with the equal support, care, services and well wishes of our tour operator ‘Antilog Vacations’.  

  • Enjoy the view from the Palm Grove Lake Resort and speak with the hotel authorities for great houseboat trips as the crew can organize really wonderful trip on the backwaters in pretty good time.
  • Talk a walk on the road bordering the backwaters and enjoy the fisherman’s quays and the stacked boats if you want to appreciate nature.
  • The resort has a tie-up with massage centre and make sure to take the spa massages if you are here. Alleppey and Kerala as such are famous for its massages and you won’t be disappointed here. The special perfumed oils are a treat and really help you to refresh and rejuvenate.
  • Try the special range of assorted milkshakes along with the fried add ons in the evening. This completely goes with the mood in the evenings and you can enjoy the setting sun against the backdrop of a nice meal.
  • Get a tuk-tuk or a cycle through bookings done with the hotels and roam about the nearby town. You will get a glimpse of the country side dotted with beautiful palm trees in and around the resort.
  • Get out and grab the hammocks before others and this is somewhere you feel find great comfort as we are not easily exposed to hammocks in our daily lives. The soothing sea breeze adds to the mood and you really end up spending a long time on these. 

  • Don’t go to the place without prior booking with the hotel authorities and arranging for a pick up facility as the roads leading up to the hotel is not very friendly for newcomers and you can get lost here.
  • Don’t come here if you prefer the hectic travelling style and don’t like lazing around and killing time, as the time really comes to a standstill here sometimes as you gaze in on the backwaters.

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