Monday, 12 December 2016

Daniel Monara - Antilog Vacations Gold Coast, Australia Review AVB0098259

Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach has a prominent location in Gold Coast, Australia. We recently stayed for a couple of nights before moving on to our next location. The place was adequately staffed and the staff was helpful and courteous. Moreover they had the presence of mind of making a note of the e-mail sent by our travel booking website – Antilog Vacations and as we learned later even before we had confirmed they had arranged for a drop off and pickup facility.

As we entered the place we were greeted by a large swimming pool, which was really well maintained. The temperature of the place was freezing throughout our stay and hence we did not venture out to swim in the cold water. However taking into the constraint of the prevailing windy weather and extreme climes, the pool would have been a worthwhile visit during the summer. The shuttle service provided by the hotel was helpful as it saved my mother from the tiresome walk up the alley. Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach also had great connectivity to the nearby restaurants and places and hence could be used as a hub for visits to adjoining places of interest.

The room had separate bathroom, lounge, bed and dining area. The entire outlook was very clean and had an interesting mix of colours in the form of bright curtains & cushions and some oil paintings. For independent sightseeing the resort's helpdesk provides various options and also a shuttle service to the nearby busy road (sorry forgot the name) which had a bus stop right outside the pavement and we got commutes to the central city frequently from there. Thus the Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach, Gold Coast warrants a visit as a comfy neighborhood stay and restaurant recommendation.

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