Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Kiran Saran - Antilog Vacations Fiji Review AVB0097590

Browsing through hotels before visiting a place is one of my favourite pass times as you not only have a plethora of options at your disposal but also get some useful knowledge about the place and its surroundings. Consequently while planning a trip to Fiji last month I surveyed through a lot of travel portals. My husband had given me a free hand in choosing the resort and consequently I read all the reviews of hotels in Fiji in the travel portal Antilog Vacations and finally zeroed in on the Namale Resort. The site also prognosticated that the time we were visiting was the best season for staying in Fiji and we were on our way.

We reached the resort promptly as it was close to the airport. We had booked the double deluxe room and the receptionist directed us to our room immediately. The room was majestic with luxurious wardrobes, LCD TV, split air conditioners, refrigerators. The majestic double bed by the window also provided a nice view of the outlining greenery. The butler reminded us of our freebies – a free massage and complimentary breakfast!!

The foot massage was so relaxing that we ended up taking some more of these and also whole body massages in the consequent days. The therapists were skilled and the assortment of massages offered was also diverse. The service and attitude of the other staff members is praiseworthy. The dining centre was a boutique place. The chef complimented it with the most delectable dishes and choices.

Next day we visited the Nananu-i-Ra Island — off the northern coast of Viti Levu. The coral reefs are also located quite nearby and hence reef viewing is quite easy if you are here. Thus we had a lovely time at the Namale and would definitely like to return here in the future.

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