Friday, 23 December 2016

Dinesh Gohil - Antilog Vacations Kerala Review AVB0097290

I visited Kerala with my wife during last year and Alleppey was a place I was really looking forward to because of the highly acclaimed backwaters and the overall general beauty of the place. We had seen some reviews and talked to some of our friends and had decided to zero in on the Palm Grove Lake Resort. The place didn’t disappoint us.

Just as you enter this hotel, you will realise the name is not a misnomer with the queue of palm trees lined up around the resort, all swaying in the soothing sea breeze giving a perfect setting for a holiday. The rooms are clean and spacious with majestic beds in the middle increasing its beauty. The rooms have an outdoor bathroom and an open air shower which is again a novel idea and both me and my wife enjoyed the concept. The resort staffs are genial and amiable and take good care of all the guests.

The food is quite tasty and the room service is also efficient. The waiters pay heed to personal requests and served the food wherever we desired. The majestic houseboat given by the resort was another high point in the trip and we roamed about freely in the backwaters aboard the boat. The butlers there also arranged food and beverages and we had consummate ease during our voyage. So a highly recommended place and can’t wait to get back to this wonderful hotel.

Thus Palm Grove Lake resort is somewhere you can visit if you are here in this laidback town of Alleppey. A word of caution though, the mosquitoes are really high in number here because of the nearby stretch of water bodies and hence try remaining indoors after nightfall and carry good mosquito repellents if you want to escape the harmful mosquito bites.

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