Thursday, 1 December 2016

Sargam Nanda - Antilog Vacations Manali Review AVB0096893

We (me and my husband) visited Manali last month for a weekend trip of 3 days and 2 nights. Because of his all-pervading office formalities I did most of the bookings. The getaway, having been formed and finalized at the last instant, we did not have many choices and the plan was in danger of being shelved because of the lack of open bookings.

However Antilog Vacations came up with a hotel booking in these tough times! The Banon Resorts in Manali was the only available option and we booked it. Though the Antilog Vacations guys warned us that the resort might not be up to deluxe standards but we decided to go ahead with the booking nevertheless.

Our ordeal started even before we reached the place. Firstly there was no cab/shuttle service to bring us to the resort and consequently we had to pay a hefty amount to a local cabbie as the place was also not easily noticeable and we had to move around in the vicinity for quite some time before we zeroed in on the exact location. The receptionist was efficient though and once she confirmed our bookings we were directed to our rooms. The butlers appeared inclined only in the “tips” and we had to cough up subsequent sums every time we asked for any favour.

The room was decently large at 40 odd sq mt. However basic amenities like a comfy sofa, fridge, safe etc was missing. Even the windows were broken and curtains were dirty. The plus was the storage space available and the working TV (albeit with a few channels). Another thing we missed (as was promised on their website) was the unavailability of internet service (neither wired nor Wi-Fi). However the rooms were okayish on the whole and decent in case you are planning to stay for a very short period. So, it’s better to timely fix your plan and relish your special moments with the great options availed in the menu of Antilog Vacations. Good Luck to others and great lesson for us for our future visits!

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