Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Udit Biswal - Antilog Vacations Kerala Review AVB0096091

The trip to 'God's own Country' - Kerala was there in the offing for a long time and hence finally when I got the opportunity I was pleased to go to the trip and also am delighted that I chose Casamaria Beach Resort for my stay there as it was an amazing experience here in the resort. The best thing about the place is that it is a seaside resort with rooms located just on the side of the beach.

There is a small gate which provides direct access to the beach from the hotel interiors and hence you can enjoy the facilities of a private beach here. Also there is bar just some distance away from the Casa maria and hence you are well served if you are fond of drinking. The staffs are also quite helpful and make you feel at home with their eager and hospitable attitude. The rooms were well decorated and quite spacious.

There is a garden accompanying the resort and we had nice strolls in the morning and evening. The beauty of the surrounding groves of coconut trees and the setting sun felt on the sea also like transported us to a different land and we enhanced our stay here to a great extent. Food is also nice here and thus the resort worked like a complete relaxation package for us.

There are primarily six – seven rooms in this resort and you will enjoy the stay even more if you get a hold of the rooms on the first floor as they provide an unhindered ocean view and the calm sea breeze blowing is also quite soothing. Thus I would definitely recommend Casamaria Beach Resort as it is a well maintained resort here and is definitely worth within the combination of top professional Antilog Vacations services.

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