Monday, 28 November 2016

Antilog Vacations Christchurch, New Zealand Review - AVB0097992

Located in the busy Hereford Street, the Christchurch: Ibis Hotel has a grand landmark presence. The Ibis hotel is one of the best hotels to open in Christchurch and i think it's a well decision we’ve taken with the help of our tour operator ‘ANTILOG VACATIONS’. We heard some anecdotes that the hotel has reopened after a closure few years back and it has definitely been worth it. If you are staying here expect comfort of the highest kind. Though most objects and milieu in general are fairly basic, the staff and the service leave a special after effect. The room had a fancy option of a factory canteen coupled with elaborate furnishings which complimented the large room.

The menu was not very elaborate but tasty. Breakfast was the only minor disappointing aspect of our stay as the buffet was not always hot enough. The cook to arrange the eggs was frequently absent we felt the tuna could have been better cooked. The simple cereal, muesli, toast and marmalade came to our rescue and saved the day.

The travel desk by the restaurant arranges for sightseeing tours of New Zealand. The staff was very knowledgeable about the restaurants which had opened recently and gave us various Indian choices. They even informed us on which roads to choose as a few were closed and others were one way and moreover the timings changed from day to day.

The hotel on the other side as we saw on the next day were between either a construction business or worksite on one side and thus the Ibis enjoyed a nice central location and view. Housekeeping carts kept us occupied and catered to our requests regularly. Coming to the rooms, the beds were too soft and we had a comfortable sleep. The morning wake up alarm was interesting musical and looked amusing. Thus we would recommend professional Antilog Vacations services along with Ibis Hotel stay for forthcoming trips to Christchurch.

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