Friday, 25 November 2016

Nadeem Syed - Antilog Vacations Kerala Review AVB0097087

I visited the Green Palace Kerala Resort with my wife some days back. I had done some analysis on the popular services by tour operators. Our desires were properly fulfilled with the services of Antilog Vacations. We viewed the list of resorts around Alleppey and go with the option of The Green Palace. Really, it was a great suggestion and we found that this place suited our budget with a good location of the property. So we decided to go ahead with this.

The Green Palace is different from the usual resorts we come across; it is not really located on any direct connected land. It is located on a sort of an island, which can prove to be quite appealing initially. The first look of the same really got my wife excited and she was amazed to get this kind of a facility in India. However, there were some issues in the commute part which spoiled the fun slightly.

You have to take a boat to enter the hotel premises and we had to wait for some time before finding our room. Finally upon embarking we were given cottages from where we had a decent lake view and the coconut groves surrounding the resort add to the aesthetic beauty. Moreover there are some other herbal plants too nearby which are said to have excellent medicinal values by the staff. The evenings were nice with the passing of the various houseboats and other small boats giving nice views for sore eyes.

On the other side however, we did not relish the food and the staff service was mediocre, sometimes being good while sometimes left a lot to be desired. So all in all was a mixed experience, not something to be recommended highly or something to be totally voiced against. So, if you are looking for a short trip you can give a look in into this Green Palace Kerala Resort. However for an extended holiday you need to take your pick and explore other areas with the huge options offered by Antilog Vacations.

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