Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Shailendra Ranga - Visit to Bolivia AVB0079734

Wonderful experience at world's highest Ski Resort

After the sightseeing attractions of La Paz city, we were ready for an exciting climbing. The cold and windy conditions helped to boost our enthusiasm. Before continuing to this trek at higher altitude, we properly followed the entire safety precautions- as mentioned by our tour planner 'ANTILOG VACATIONS'. With our tour guide, we left the city and start drive through barren brown lands.

We also met several local people who normally covered this uphill distance. Really the Big Hearts they have! After covering a small time distance, we left the city back. On the narrow single track road, we were almost 15,450 feet high. In such deadly setup, I really give a Big Thanks to my driver for his safety and expert driving skills. The tips given by my tour operator were really helpful and we never lose our confidence.

I remembered every landmark and never forget their specialty- like, 5100 meters is popular for large mining operations and 5300 meters for world's highest ski resort. At such higher altitude of more than 17,500 feet, we felt difficulty in a normal breath due to freezing wind. There was not a single member of our group, who previously experienced such kind of high elevated area. We were almost at the top except one or two local peaks of the local area and it was a proud moment just similar to the trek of Mt Everest. Really wonderful it was! Especially thanks to Antilog Vacations. Hats Off to you guys, for your superb management.

If we talk about the other attractions of Bolivia, then all were amazzzzzing, country has huge options with a long list of the fabulous tourist attractions. Such kind of trips, demand expertise, planning and proper management, which was well provided by Antilog group during our visit. Must keep safety measures on the top because it's too hard to cover the distance over narrow ice covered roads. Overall, it was a proud moment and a great challenge which we covered with the help of our tour planners. We also captured such picture-perfect clicks in our camera.

Good Luck Guys!

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