Monday, 12 September 2016

Dushyant Pathak - Visit to Lansdowne AVB0079617

For our honeymoon/birthday/1st wedding anniversary, me and my wife decided to go on a Lansdowne trip. I did a few research on Uttarakhand and particular Lansdowne visit and luckily was able to find a fantastic deal with Antilog Vacations. A log of good reviews helped me to decide to contact them. Mr. Nikhil Chaudhary was very responsive and willing to organize and adjust the trip itinerary according to our requests (if possible).

He properly suggested us the things and if something doesn't work, then he also provides us a better option with an explanation behind its logical reason. Believe me, they are truly a trustable travel brand. With a thoughtful planning by Mr. Chaudhary, we were actually enjoying our tour with a number of activities. As we mentioned about the special occasion like our honeymoon, wife's B'day and anniversary celebration.. So the things were accordingly.

With the celebrity like feel, we were treated like a royal couple. We really appreciate their better planning and things doesn't stop after this booking process. Under a responsible communication channel, we received a regular call from Antilog Vacations group, to get the confirmation about their services. Thanks! For offering us an excellent visit.. We had an amazing time with our hotel staff, informative guide & professional driver. With this comfortable and safe journey, we are grateful to the best efforts of Antilog team.

Really impressive work with the inclusion of responsibility, friendliness and professionalism like factors. You guys really surpassed our expectations with a beautiful presentation. Thanks Mr. Nikhil for your help in the selection of such a beautiful destination. We did all the fun and challenging activities there. We had a blast! We experienced that we've never seen before and It's totally worth. We'll definitely come back again only & only with Antilog Vacations like an expert group of travel operators.

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