Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Refreshing leisure break! - AVB0079679

I went to the Jas Vilas with my wife and son for a leisurely break from the business routine. It was very satisfying and located at a fine place in Jaipur. It is a small hotel to be honest but they offer all the facilities of a decent level hotel. The hotel is located at a secluded spot away from the hustle bustle of tourist crowd. The architecture and designing is the traditional Rajasthani style- very elegant and artistic. The place is kept clean always.

The room was well furnished and had all the necessary amenities. We had a two single beds, a TV connected with satellite, nice working air conditioner and a work desk. The bathroom was very spacious and had double sinks. Cleanliness was ensured by the housekeeping. There were many places to visit nearby. The Anokhi Museum of Hand printing was amazing. It was hard to believe that the beautiful pieces of art were printed by hand.

We went over the Sargasuli tower and the view from the top was outstanding! You can see the whole city from there. The Galtaji temple was a very divine place and the divinity rejuvenated us. Coming back to the hotel, the swimming pool inside the hotel was the best part of the hotel for us. We really loved the swimming experience in the hotel. Wi-Fi can also be accessed near the pool. The gardens were also refreshing to sit and see our son play with the ball.

The food was delightful. The local food that they served was delicious and the service was nice. The chef also made simple food for our son. Commendable job done! We had a splendid experience in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Gonna come with my friends and their families next time definitely along with the services of same tour operator ‘ANTILOG VACATIONS’. Kudos!

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