Friday, 27 June 2014

UK & London trip reviews ( email)


I'm looking for tips/itineraries for a 8-9 days trip to England, Scotland and Wales via Antilog Vacations after a decent tour to Asian destinations

Am planning to travel in early Aug.

Any help/pointers would be appreciated.


Hi ,

2 days in London enough to strike off all the Touristy things to do of England ka no clue ! Heard Scotland trip esp. drive through is a much better thing to do than spend time in London !
Also in/around London there are lots of touristy places one can skip ...esp if you are patriotic types... lots of places where your blood will boil looking at the armory, jewels which the Brits looted from the erstwhile divided India... war memorials in the memory of Indian soldiers killed in the wars where they were forced to fight in alien countries to project Her Majesty's pride ...statues in the memory of Legends who successfully colonized us etc.

Varun Bhateja from Antilog-Mumbai chapter had been to london. He can answer any queries about london and UK

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