Friday, 27 June 2014

Srinagar Trip Experience ( Email)

Hi Abhishek
Jst been to Srinagar, so sharing experience..Did few stuff myself and few from AV
1) Hotels: Depending on the places u want to visit in/around Srinagar, u can choose the hotels... Ideally ppl make Srinagar as their base andtravel to places from Srinagar everyday, which is wastage of time.... some hotels cud be Habitat, etc near Dal Lake (having basis amenties like wifi,TV but not lavish)
2) Houseboat: Even if you book the a particular houseboat, u might not get the same due to non-availability (peak season) or if the person dupes you
3) Travelling- The drivers/locals wont help you and they would tell you the most expensive options (connecting cabs, boots, pony rides, etc). It purely depends on ur ability/knowledge abt the things which can save you.... (eg. boots were frented to ppl for 5 times the actual rates)..the driver was a svaer nd treated us well
Pahalgam - dont take pony rides (dangerous and costs ranges from rs.300-1500 depending on bargaining ability); there is a beautiful way for trekking or a broad road available for walking also (not known to ppl)
Gulmarg- Avoid pony rides, go for cable car rides to both levels....
Sonmarg- Ferrys would charge you exorbitant Rs. 4000 for a 2 km ride for visiting a glacier (which is not there) whereas it can be done within Rs.1000. Walking option also available..
Other places u must visit: Aharbal, betaab valley

Let me know in case u want more details on places to visit/ best options for readers benefit

Best source of gathering local information: Talk to the police/traffic police personnel at various places


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