Friday, 27 June 2014

Antilog Vacations Group Tour

Group Trekking - 12-18 Aug - Leh ,Nubra,Valley of flowers with Everest Returned junta !

Some people have  booked the group  trip through Antilog Vacations for a Himanchal Campsite & Leh.It looks that few of them are mountaineers as well and have taken the trekking package

The advantage of this group is that they have their own campsite (and tents is the best way to stay there) at the Ghangaria and at least that year they were the only campsite which had attached toilets in the tents. Other campsites has common toilet blocks. If you are travelling with family (wife) this is a big advantage. 

Interested folks can message at group's email id for details .Only Antilog Vacations community members are welcome.Medical exam mandatory before travel.All gear included

( pls check spam folder for details as few members arent getting emails in the desired format)

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