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Thailand Travel by HariMohan:White Orchid

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White Orchid-Bangkok: 5/10

I was in Bangkok for about a week with 3 of my friends and I seriously don’t have much to talk about this hotel. We were happy but still it wsnt the best feeling
1.       If you are looking for luxurious rooms, fancy bath fittings, swimming pool etc. this is not the place to be, the rooms are smelly, old, worn out! The paint on the bathtub is peeling and the hose for the shower head is way too short.
2.       If you are looking for exotic locations nearby, picturesque or similar things, again it isn’t the place. The only place nearby is Chinatown where u will get some good seafood and to shop somewhat, but that is the only thing.
3.       Hotel food is not so good but location is good , who love to eat sea food & also china town is famous for eating.
4.       Talking about the smell and the poor look, it is not only the rooms, the small height of the lobby ceiling, the aww..  foody smell it exhibits, oh noo. It is at mezzanine floor and inconvenient to walk a stair up for check in.
5.       The loud AC’s, sound leaking rooms, poor food, no coffee table or any chairs in the room, I can go on and on and on…
6.       Only thing good about the hotel is the pricing, still it’s too bad for any price, even if the sleep quality was good, it could have been rated as an avg. budget hotel.

Antilog Vacations : 7/10

Cheap rates offered by Antilog Vacations. They r the good  in Thailand sector.I opted for this hotel owing to cheap rates as they initially suggested me another hotel in Bangkok but I stuck onto it owing to rates, ignoring their word.For saving 2000 rupees, my trip(Hotel part) was spoiled.Rest was good , the tour services offered were splendid.
Note :Plz be Beware of Delhi based local companies who offer similar hotels for third class cheap tours and makes u stay here, it can spoil ur mood bigtime.i saw many literally cursing the tour on a group

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