Saturday, 17 November 2012

Introduction ,Rules & Guidelines :Must Read

Welcome to Antilog Vacations traveller's community.As a  regular traveller from Antilog Vacations , my Aim is to bring together people who have travelled or want to travel from Antilog Vacations.

Please share your good & bad experiences .Verified & Trusted experiences shall be published.For verification one can send us the travel voucher of Antilog.

Spammers , Fakers,Unverified experiences are strictly not allowed . You can mail your entries to me at .

The Aim of this community is

1) To Bring discounts by travelling in groups .
2) Sharing the travel experiences & destination experience.

How to Post your travel experience

Send me an E-mail stating subject line , post & your email id ( whether you want to make it Public) Or ask for Moderator request to post yourself

Desired Format ( Not more than 500 words please)

Submitted by : 
Email id : ( If you want to Publish)

Antilog Rating : ( out of 10)

< Description>

Hotel Rating : ( out of 10)
< Description>

1) Both ratings should be given ELSE the experience shall not be published.This is to verify the ethnicity of the Postings
2) Aim of desired format is to prevent cluttering & provide meaningful information only

Members of following Antilog Vacations communities have been informed on Email & links sent

1) Pune,Hyderabad,Bangalore ,Mumbai,Chandigarh,Delhi & Chennai.

it wud be better to mention yout  EMAIL ID on Post & Phone number ( personally to me) For verification & original Check

Lets post :)

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