Friday, 3 July 2015

5 Reasons Why I Would Choose Antilog Vacations For My Next Trip

 Vacations are trending; there is nothing better one can think about these days than to plan and go for a getaway into some unknown land they haven’t treaded on before. Laid back life-style was a thing of the past; peeps really look forward to their vacations now-a-days, after months of labor in an arduous attempt to survive the cut-throat world. The result? - Birth of the Travel Industry, with travel agencies high on the rise, with no sign of reaching the saturation point anytime sooner. As you hit “Enter” on your keyboard, the search for vacation rentals returns with a never-ending list of travel agencies from around the world that seem to throw offers your way which look more so too good to be true (and as a matter of fact, they are). So, how I found Antilog Vacations to be different from the rest, you might feel inclined to ask. I would like to detail the answer in 5 simple points that stand testimony to Antilog Vacations’ infallible services. Here we go.

The Infinite Selection

Well, infinite sounds like a very strong word, and I am well-aware of it, but that’s exactly what you would like to label the choice of your travel options from Antilog Vacations as. Once you get familiar with the figures, you are going to feel no different. I was introduced to an inventory of 100,000 hotels, 800 airlines, and a host of limitless packages covering as many as 129 countries to choose from. Whoa!

Flexible Connection 

Alright, let’s face it. We may not say it out loud, but we can really use some amount of flexibility with the tour packages that we sign up for. There always is something or the other included in the package which interests us the least, and we simply sit and wonder if only that precise activity or excursion could be replaced by some other. But alas! Itinerates come bundled and cannot be changed, or at least that’s what they tell you. But with Antilog Vacations the scenario, I found out to be, but quite the contrary. I was allowed to pick MY choice of hotels, choose only those precise activities and excursions that suited my interest, stay only for the number of days “I” wanted to and pay for only what I have chosen (no bundled packages, thank God!). And guess what? I even got a discount! Now, isn’t that awesome?

Transparent Transaction

Aah, hidden costs! I know you folks hate it; so do I. It is really shattering to realize after signing up (and of course, making the first payment) that you will need to pay much more than what has been stated before. And worst is that you can’t even withdraw or cancel your trip as you have already paid the advance, and your travel company runs on a strict policy of no-refunds. Antilog Vacations ventured to odd out on this one. I was thoroughly impressed with their honest cancellation policies (though I never had the need to cancel anything), instant package confirmation within 30 minutes, and zero hidden cost (of which I wasn’t sure about until the trip actually got over without having to shell out another extra buck); this budding team of vacation planners put forth me an experience that has indeed won my trust! No more shady affairs, Phew!

Personal Care Attention

Agree or not, but customer support should be your foremost consideration while signing up for a service; especially when a vacation is in concern. Honestly, you don’t want to end up on a foreign land, totally on your own, with no one to listen to your pleas or guide you through thick and thin. Antilog Vacations made sure at every step that there was nothing for me during the trip to complain about. I ACTUALLY enjoyed round the clock phone support manned by a team of dedicated tour managers... (Once I called to enquire about a transfer at somewhere around 11pm (IST) and my enquiry was answered promptly). You can alter bookings, make requests, and get issues solved no matter what time of the day or night it is. The team takes emergencies seriously; all you need to do is to simply make a call! Could anything be “more” easier? I was thoroughly impressed, and don’t mind admitting it at all.

Miscellaneous Information

Okay. Just do a wee bit of internet research and find out how much big brands such as MakeMyTrip and Thomas Cook score in terms of Quality of Service. Review sites such as are reliable resources and I must tell you (in case you are too lazy to find out), these travel giants hold a tally of nothing more than 15-20%. I did my own bit of research and guess how much I found Antilog Vacations’ score in this regard? A whopping 89% (highest in the travel industry) with 70% repeat customers!!! Now, that’s an overwhelming score, No? If not, then there is even more to spoil you. Whenever there is scope these guys never fall back in upgrading your travel (I got one during my AV Mauritius trip), and it is absolutely free of cost. So, if you have booked for a standard room, who knows you might even have a deluxe. Appealing much?

That said, Antilog Vacations, as I would love to term it as, is the next big thing in the world of organized travel, and there is not even the slightest doubt to it. Consequently, I would love to recommend this agency to anyone who is a prospective traveler to whatsoever destination it might be. I’m sure AV won’t fail to impress you with a mind-boggling deal. Great going AV team, keep the excellent work up! 

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