Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Parth Saluja - Antilog Vacations Brazil Review AVB0096567

I love to travel one of the most exciting places of the world. And this time I had added peaceful Brazil (bordered by 10 countries) into my travel diary with the supportive services of Antilog Vacations. The place has vivacious energy from its astonishing biodiversity, huge array of stunning beaches up to every corner. I truly felt a wonderful experience with the spectacular sights of the land famous for football, dance & Amazon Forest, just like a dancing heart like situation.

With the help of planned itinerary by Antilog Vacations, I was able to witness one of the world's largest wetland areas, colonial architecture, local flora and fauna, mountains, rivers, small towns and different ethnic cultures. Under the planning of dedicated tour operator, I was able to discover various colors of nature and several magnificent sites. Within guided visit along all the safety measures, me and my companions get the opportunity to explore local culture and greet with the local communities.

Overall, it's hard to confirm the most favorite one from the spectacular range of natural wonders. But, I can't proceed further before describing a stunning view of Iguassu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. It is one of the iconic waterfalls as a precious setup of blissful nature. During this week long visit planned by Antilog group, I also covered natural world of Amazon, impressive colonial architecture of Olinda, trendiest city of Sao Paulo, the iconic statue of Christ The Redeemer, Diamantina National Park and related other popular attractions.

Truly, it was a stress-free visit on a beautiful paradise. The land offered me range of things to fully enjoy your visit at remote beach areas, adventure hot spots (trekking, caving, forest, mountains), huge array of Brazilian cuisines, beach volleyball, dance parties and cocktails. A big cheers to the services of Antilog Vacations team! Hurrah..Thanks for this cheerful delight, Just full of life! Definitely, it works as a booster for my travel excitement.

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